Meet Our Team

They say you are the company you keep. Here are Vixel we take pride in each individual member of our


At our core, we share the same vision and drive for our customers to have the best representation on social media.  We believe in a very tailor-made approach to each client using our diverse experience across multiple verticles. 


Andrew Sinichar

Founder & CEO

Elora Tran 

Chief Operating Officer 


Candice Wu 

Content Creator & Influencer Marketing Manager

Mohammed Haris

Business Development Manager

Jesse Worthington

Content Creator

Jessica Buck

Content Creator &

Social Media Specialist

Lucas Anderson

Social Media Specialist

Grace Lee

Fashion Content Creator & Social Media Manager

Tranelle Maner

Content Creator &

Social Media Specialist

Anna Vu

Web Developer

Joey Tran

UI/UX Designer

Business Development

Andres Rocha

Business Development Manager

Ian Liao

Sales Specialist

Alizander Lizaso

Sales Specialist

Celine Zhou

Customer Success