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We have a variety of services to help you reach your goals. 

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A well-run influencer marketing campaign can be one of the most effective tools to grow your business. It's cost-efficient, and the closest to word-of-mouth marketing. 

We have a wide range of influencers in our network. Combined with our methodology, our campaigns are versatile and produce remarkable results. 

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Management

At Vixel Agency, social media management is more than scheduling posts, creating captions, and following hashtags. We focus heavily on context.

Our objective is to have posts that build community engagement and add value to your brand. 

Web Development, SEO

Web development is an art form. There are many approaches to developing the perfect website. 

Our full-stack web development team specializes in all mainstream platforms. We can also build custom coded websites if needed. Our web development is built around your objectives and timelines. 

Content Creation, Analytics

Our content creation team is very unique. They produce engaging content for the most relevant platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.


We believe content versatility is a key element to a strong marketing campaign. We produce different types of content in the studio from Instagram Reels to animated explainer videos. Whatever the production value or need is, we deliver. 


Our NFT team is comprised of developers who have built and helped launch successful projects. 

Marketing Channels

  • Instagram


Instagram is a photo-centric platform. People use Instagram to make quick decisions and draw fast conclusions.

  • Facebook

Facebook still is the biggest social media platform and is one of the best places to reach the baby boomer generation. Facebook is also a great platform to market internationally.

  • TikTok

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform with over 800 million users. It's becoming one of the best places to market to millennials and Gen X. Their algorithm is one of the best. We are big advocates of TikTok for all types of busineses.  



  • YouTube


YouTube is the preferred choice for people to look for product insights. This is a great place to promote or showcase your product or service. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine behind Google.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is heavily used as an idea board. It is very suitable for businesses that specialize in interior design or home decor. This is also a great place for more creative products. 

  • LinkedIn

If you're looking for B2B marketing and lead generation, LinkedIn is the way to go. It is a great place for a company to post their industry insights and competitive analysis. 



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