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  • ENYTHENG already had an online presence and was offering items for sale through GoDaddy Site Builder. This however was underutilized and did not bring the amount of customers expected. 

  • Vixel Agency was tasked with overhauling the online store and social media accounts on behalf of ENYTHENG. The opportunity we saw was that our online revamp would build up shoppers and direct new users to the website. 

  • We know that the unique nature of the business was a perfect match for using targeted advertising and would increase internet traffic to the website.


  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter management.  

  • Paid Facebook and social media ads campaign. 

  • Custom website migration to WIX platform. 

  • Organic growth of social media profiles and content creation.


ENYTHENG is a family owned and operated ecommerce company that offers a place online to shop and be entertained. Headquartered in Las Vegas and will ship worldwide.


Website Before:

The original site used low quality stock images that were not consistent with the product offerings. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 4.37.33 PM.png

Website After:

Redesigned to give a fresh look and bring shoppers into a beautiful immersive experience. The new site still follows the original color scheme the client asked for, and brings hints of the products being sold. 

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