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Belvedere Chimney and Fireplace

Belvedere Chimney and Fireplace is a family-owned and operated, fireplace and chimney installation service. They have two warehouses in New York and serve the Tri-State Area. 


Belvedere Chimney grew organically through word-of-mouth with minimal utilization of social media marketing.


We were brought in to grow their reputation digitally and give them a strong online presence. The opportunity we saw was that our online efforts would get them where they wanted to be.


We saw because of the niche nature of their business that the people target by the ads would have already been close to in the market for their service. They had little to no internet presence we aimed to fix that.


  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business Management.

  • Organic growth of social media profiles and content creation.

  • Paid Facebook and social media ads campaign.

  • Trained staff on how to take pictures for social media and how to use LinkedIn sales navigator for B2B


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3030 Rural Rd Suite 107, Tempe, AZ 85282



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