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Agata Pogorelsky

Content Creator & Social Media Specialist

My real talent lies in the ability to see beyond the obvious, balancing my technical, creative, and intuitive skills to create meaningful content. Now, more than ever, we consume based on what we see and how what we see makes us feel. What I find most interesting about Social Media marketing is that the audiences promote the brands they love, all we have to do is listen; this is definitely the skill

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Agata’s creativity comes with a unique Latin flavor. As a professional photographer, writer and creative visionary, she is passionate about turning concepts into eye-catching images and compelling visual stories. Her first “real world" experience was as field photographer at the U-20 FIFA World Cup, back in 2007. Ever since, she knew she was meant to play in the big leagues. 


Her work has been published in Elle UK, Origin Magazine (California) and Gala (Paris), amongst others. The content she creates is not only inspired by each client’s unique vision but also her multiple experiences abroad. Having visited over 30 countries, Agata brings to the table a unique and global perspective, helping companies and individuals share their story and reach their marketing goals. She graduated with honors from the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University, Toronto and can wear many hats elegantly.

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